Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #449: Trademark approval for container/fedora-toolbox as a Fedora Linux 39 release-blocking deliverable

@rishi filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #449. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

Ticket text:

This is the important part of the ticket. I think having “Toolbox” as a VARIANT_ID is a good idea.

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@rishi decided previously that we will be using toolbx rather than toolbox. Toolbox is hard to search in google and harder to talk about to general audience.

@rishi do you have the same thoughts?

I think Matthew Miller was the first one to suggest a separate VARIANT_ID in his State of Fedora talk at Nest 2022. The intention there was to separate long-lasting pet containers from short-lived containers running services when generating statistics about who uses what. I suppose there could be other uses for this?

Yes, we changed the human readable name of the project to Toolbx (without the ‘o’) because toolbox is hard to search for. However, the older name is still used in various places for backwards compatibility reasons. eg., the toolbox(1) binary cannot be trivially renamed without breaking existing containers.

I don’t really have a strong opinion on what VARIANT_ID should be. If it’s a choice between toolbox and toolbx, then I would prefer the latter to not propagate the old name any further.


Yes, exactly. And I’d like to distinguish Toolbx from other container images.

Is this something that should be a Council request? I get that it is coming under a trademark request, but to me, it seems more like a FESCo decision.

I’m +1 to using Toolbx as the VARIANT_ID for what it is worth.

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It’s a branding (for lack of a better term) question, not a technical question. I think Council is the right place for it.

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I see some consensus on having a separate VARIANT_ID in the fedora-toolbox images. Is there anything I should do, as Change owner, to move things forward?

I left a vote for the record on the Pagure ticket.

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Discussed in 2023-06-07 Council meeting.

This was not originally on the agenda, but we had extra time and realized we could cover this one quickly.

The Fedora Council agreed (+3/0/-0) that this trademark use request for fedora-toolbox and the additional request of a new VARIANT_ID is approved. @rishi is authorized to go forward with necessary changes.

We also noted that while the trademark request is a matter of Council business, the VARIANT_ID falls more to the purview and authority of FESCo. FESCo should be consulted for guidance on the best implementation approach for the new VARIANT_ID.

I am closing this trademark ticket as approved.

@rishi wrote…
What’s the next step to using a new VARIANT_ID? Should I go ahead and start filing pull requests to the appropriate RPM packages and such?

This is where I would consult FESCo for advice. I think some Council members may have opinions on this, but the majority of the Council is not the right body of expertise to guide you on this technical implementation aspect.

I finally got around to filing a pull request:

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… and:

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