Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #442: Code of Conduct Committee Structure Proposal

@riecatnor filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #442. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

Ticket text:

My only substantive comment is that I don’t see a mechanism for involuntary removal. (e.g. does the Committee need to be unanimous (except the person being removed) in order to remove a person, or does a simple majority suffice?) Most of how the Committee operates has been left to the Committee’s discretion, which is good, but this may be fundamental enough to require enshrinement in policy.

My less substantive comments:

  • We should say “Fedora Linux release cycle” instead of “Fedora release cycle” to be consistent with our own wishes.
  • We should change “CommBlog” to “Community Blog” in the interests of being slightly less jargony.
  • There’s no need to apply bold formatting to headlines (although we can just magically fix that when it’s put into the docs)
  • Stylistically, I don’t particularly like the combination of bold and italics. On the other hand, I know lawyers are really keen on their formatting (which is why many open source licenses have a SECTION THAT YELLS AT YOU), so this isn’t something I’ll pursue now that I’ve said my position.

Procedurally, since we discussed this in Frankfurt, I don’t think there’s a great need to let this sit for too long. I’ll wait until Monday for anyone to raise serious issues and then we’ll start running it through the Policy Change Policy, where we can continue to have conversation about minor refinements.


For the record: I have already looked at this and have no additional comments, except +1 to the stuff Ben says.

Proposal for removing a member: unanimous agreement of all other Committee members, or else by decision of the Council.

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