Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #411: Policy proposal: formalizing Fedora's open source requirements

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I love this idea and this should be better notated as a policy. However, I have a doubt. Should this be a legal policy doc or should it be a project culture doc? Or is it a mix of both?

The policy part makes sense for what we will package and what we don’t, but I think there is also a cultural aspect that fits under the Freedom Foundation of Fedora. My question is whether we feel that the high-importance of Free & Open Source is well-represented as a cultural value of Fedora, or if this is something already obvious through the existing documentation of the Freedom Foundation in the Project docs.

My motive for asking this is because I am wondering whether we have done a good job of communicating the values of Fedora both internally to the Community and externally to others either outside of or interested in the Fedora Community.

Yes, sorry that wasn’t clear — this is about writing up the (current implied-and-assumed) project-level policies. Not a legal doc.

The text about the Foundations in the project docs is informal explanation of that understanding, not formally the declaration.

This makes sense to me and seems noncontroversial, given that it was more or less already published in a different form before now.

Without going too far off-track of the original topic, I am wondering if the informal expanation of that understanding is enough, or if we could do better to promote this. I’m not decided yet:

That seems like a superset of this, yes.