Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #394: Document, in one handy place, all of the trademark permissions we have granted

@mattdm filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #394. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

Ticket text:

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I am contacting RH legal to get what they have filed away as a starting point.

Could this include the use on Destination Linux?

Yes, I think it should.

I’m sure you’re aware of these but two big ones that I could remember:

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So, coming back to this: the answer is that legal has no such centralized record. So it’s kind of on us.

What do you all think about a single document under “council policies” with what we can find + anything going forward? It’d be something like a table with:

who, when, still active, and what for

I’m okay with what you propose, although I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions.

  1. We might want to consider putting it in a trademark policies subcategory and moving some of the existing trademark stuff out of the wiki. That’s not a prerequisite for this, but it would be good to do the work with that in mind if that’s the route we want to take.
  2. Two tables: one for active, one for historical. Still on the same page, but split for easier reference.

Makes sense.

I think the trademark stuff will go in the legal docs. That is waiting on me: Issue #198: Let's clarify the trademark guidelines on modified hosted (cloud, vps, etc) Fedora OS images - tickets - Pagure.io