Fedora CoreOS rebasing to Fedora 33: features and known issues

Originally posted on coreos-status.

Over the next two days we’re planning to release and rollout the first Fedora 33 based FCOS into the stable stream.

New features include:

Some notable issues/configurations:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the test day and to everyone that run the testing and next streams to help us identify and fix issues before they get to stable.

Dusty Mabe, for the Fedora CoreOS team


I might have experienced an issue due to the rebase. I run a fedora coreos baremetal arm server with a podmanized tvheadend. Somehow since I deployed it the dibusb dvb modules get loaded but the /dev/dvb/adapter0 does not get created. Strangely enough, no meaningful kernel error/warning on journalctl.