Fedora CoreOS auto-update


I move from CoreOS to Fedora CoreOS and I would like to know how I can disable auto-update on FCOS, with the previous version it was as simple as:
sudo systemctl disable update-engine.service
but this service is no longer available,



Fedora CoreOS… Do you means Silverblue?

According to:

updates are downloaded by default, but not done by default. And it is said:

this can be changed from the update preferences in Software

No I mean Fedora CoreOS project Fedora CoreOS

The problem with autoupdate is the reboot, I don’t want my VM reboots anytime without my supervision.

Hi @stefhen,
welcome to the Fedora community!

Fedora Core OS is a pretty special and recent thing, which has its own forum platform. If you don’t get the right answer here, I would suggest, asking there:


There is also an IRC channel and a mailing list that you could contact: Getting Started with Fedora CoreOS :: Fedora Docs

Update Streams :: Fedora Docs says that

sudo systemctl stop zincati.service

stops the service that performs the automatic updates…

If you don’t want to disable the service altogether, you can find a description on how to simply stop auto-updating here:

thank you so much florian this fixes my problem :slight_smile:

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