Fedora 40 Tiger VNC unable to start

First off, I am unfortunately not that well versed in setting this up again, as I have only set it up on a centos 7 machine around 3/4 years ago and this is the first time I am using fedora.

It seems I am running into some issue when trying to setup the TigerVNC server. While following the guide on the step where you are supposed to start the VNC server with systemctl start vncserver@:display_number.service There is no number for me to choose, as this is not automatically created by the system. I just have a “blank” vncserver@.service. Trying to manually rename the file also doesn’t work.

I have a feeling I might be missing something, but I wouldn’t know what exactly.

You are expected to pick a number, it will not already exist, try “1” as the number.

FYI tiger vnc depends on X11, so in a wayland world you may see issues, if not now then in the future.