Fedora 40 SIlverblue becomes unresponsive when something is writing on disk

Because of updates in the background or files copying, other applications tend to become unresponsive, forcing me to quit them. This issue occurs randomly, and I was hoping it would be resolved in version 40, but it has not been fixed.

let’s have a look at disk IO, CPU usage, and RAM while this is happening…

Maybe you could start by disabling automatic updates as those happen in the background and may create a lot of disk IO.

Still this is not normal, it happens all the time even copying files and I have an ssd, what can I do to find out why this is happening?

Hi Flo, can you suggest a command to test?

gnome-system-monitor is a good start to get an overview of your system performance

I would open a terminal and type top in it leaving it going while I was using my PC as normal. Then let top show you what’s using the resources during the “slow” times. Gnome system monitor will do that as well with added overhead.