Fedora 38 & ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3402ZA)

Hello Everyone,

I am like many others who bought Asus Zenbook UX3402ZA and faced problems with like:

  1. There is No sound from the speakers although there is sound from the headphone jack with no problem.
  2. the fingerprint scanner is not working although “Fingerd” supports it.

I don’t want back to use Windows 11 again, everything is working fine there :frowning:

and when we contacted ASUS’s support there wasn’t any help from their side saying this is a Linux community problem.

FYI: the problem persists at all the Linux distros I guess, I tried (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora…etc.)

Do we have any solution for that? any help would be appreciated.
Ask me for any commands output or information you need.

Thanks in advance.