Fedora 37 boot a live system ISO file with persistent memory using Grub2

Problem to boot with Grub2 into an iso disk image.
It’s booting into the kernel, but saying:
Detecting PrimeOS and endless dots …

That’s my menuentry:

menuentry “PrimeOS” {
insmod iso9660
insmod loopback
insmod part_gpt
insmod btrfs
search --set-root --no-floppy --label fedora-engine
search --set-root --no-floppy --label memory
set rootflags=subvol=home
set iso = “home/primeOS.iso”
set img = “home/data.img”
loopback loop1 $iso
loopback loop2 $img
set root = (loop1)
linux (loop1)/kernel root=/dev/zram0 data=(loop2)/data sdcard=label=memory quiet
initrd (loop1)/initrd.img