[fedora 36] Samsung 980 heating to 83.8 degree celcius

it is a known issue (https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Monitors-and-Memory/SSD-980-heat-spikes-to-84-C-183-F/td-p/2002779)
It has been a few days(~2 weeks) since I updated to fedora 36, this issue did not exist in fedora 35 for me. What happens is the temperature jumps to 83.8°C for no reason.

I do know that its a false positive, but wanted to know if a fix or something would be passed by the time fedora 36 is released as this never occurred to me on fedora 35.

What are you using to monitor the temp?

smartctl, kde system monitor is also consistent with the readings.

I get the following warning when it happens:

SMART Disk monitor:
Device: /dev/nvme0, Critical Warning (0x02): Temperature