Fedora 36 keeps eating my free space


I switched from Windows to Fedora 36 for many reasons. I like Fedora so far but there is a issue I have with Fedora keep eating my free space. I understand there are log files and stuff like that and that is what I need help with, as of right now for some reason I loose around 100-200 MiB a day.
What is eating my space ? and how do I control log file size ?
Fresh installed so there can’t be corruption or any type of virus infection. I’m using KDE plasma but Im learning how to use terminal.
All ideas welcome :slight_smile:

Run sudo du -hs /* 2>/dev/null to see disk usage of directories/files on the system. Let’s say /var directory is usin a lot of space, repeat it like sudo du -hs /var/* 2>/dev/null to see which directory under /var is using more space than other and repeat this until you find the culprit.

I guess I need to write down directory sizes and see which one will grow and then apply 2nd command to that specific directory and so on until I find which file(s) are growing.

interesting…since I posted this thread I already lost 100 MiB. :frowning:

Thank You for this idea, I will let you know how it will work out.

You can also use filelight, it visualizes the disk usage per directory.

I posted a reply on another thread on some commands that will help you find what is using up all your space. I’ll just link it here:


Thank You for reply but my problem is not how to free up more space. My problems is that something keeps eating my space. I have panty of space. Since I installed Fedora 4 days ago and installing all apps/programs of my choice and setting it up, I had 519 GiG. Today after 4 days since installing Fedora, I have 515.8. I didn’t install any programs in mean while. So, in 4 days I magically lost 3.2 GiG of space.

Thx, I will check it out.

I just woke up, turn my PC On and yesterday before shutting down my PC I had 515.8 and now I have 513.4

It could be the systemd journal, although it wouldn’t “normally” write such much per day. Anyway if you would like it to use less disk space read the journald.conf man page.

I solve the problem by reinstalling the whole system including re-partitioning.
I understand many of you would never do that and would spend hrs to figure it out but since my system was only 2 weeks old anyways, I decided to re partition and it worked.
Now my system is working without problems.
Thank You all for you input and help.