Fedora 34 workstation Beta - HP 8730W using fingerprint reader issue

Good morning. I have been installing Fedora 34 workstation beta on multiple laptops to see how it functions and if there are any problems that are encountered as a result. So far the installation process has been seamless but I may now have encountered my first one.

I am using a HP 8730W laptop. This laptop has a finger print reader so I decided to try and incorporate this into the user profile and see how this functioned but each time I try to register a finger print the process begins and then the entire process appears to freeze and ‘hang’

When I move the mouse over the finger print capture process it leaves pieces of the mouse behind as you move the mouse telling me the system is trying to refresh the screen but there is something delaying it.

In the end I have to cancel the enrollment process and I am then told it’s failed. Trying to begin this once more then tells me that ‘failed to claim fingerprint device AES2550 / AES2810 this device is already claimed by another process’

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Before try to solve Hardware related issues, i propose you to see if

Linux Vendor Firmware Service
fwupdmgr command in terminal

works and your hardware is up to date.

Second, cheking on HP website if you find some infos about the fingerprint reader. If yes please share link with us.

There is a process running in the background. Check with ps -a in terminal and kill it (kill processn-umber).

It can also be that a SELinux policy is getting you in the way.

Thank you for the suggestions.

1: FWUPD is done. Nothing new.
2: SELinux was not an issue. There were no policies in place BUT to be sure I installed it and rechecked, and not an issue.

I did not see any updates regarding this on the HP website but this is an older laptop and I dont expect any further comments about this. So… Ideas?