Fedora 34. Command to copy multiple directories from one externa drive to another?

Fedora 34. Is there a Linux terminal command that can copy the directores of one external drive to another? When I copy a large number of files using a GUI File Manager it’s VERY slow. I need the files copied in native format (not compressed).



Thanks, I was looking into Rsync. I need to wipe out my Fedora drive and replace it with Ubuntu. All my user files are now on the Fedora drive. If I use rsync in Fedora to copy the files to an external drive, can I then use rsync in Ubuntu to copy those same files from the external drive to my Ubuntu /home directory?

Similar question with DejaDup. I used DejuDup on my Fedora system to make a backup of all my user files to an external drive. Can I use DejuDup in Ubuntu to copy all those files from the external drive to my Ubuntu /home directory?

Unlike Windows vs Linux, different distros are not fundamentally different platforms. So if an application is available on one, it should also work on the other. Way to install might be different.

With rsync I can say it’s available in the distro repos for both Fedora or Ubuntu, or pretty much any Linux distro out there. I have never used DejaDup, depends on how you installed DejaDup, if you installed it from the Fedora repo, maybe it’s there on Ubuntu as well, if it was a snap or flatpak, then it is definitely available. If it is proprietary, then I don’t know.

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Thanks. I got them installed on my Ubuntu and I’ll see if they recognize the backups. Rsync should be easy cuz I see that rsync stores the backup files in native format. Nice.

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