Backup system & Recover/rollback

Happy week start all here.

Folks need your experienced guide on system backup guide and after needed how to recover rollback as it was before.

i have all done after installed f32, what i wanted and i would like to save system back up to recover if i will mess system or damage something. how to rollback in such situation without re-installing system again?

I have quite good experience on backing up and recovery by Acronis on Windows platform.

but here is different world.

be happy of any guides.

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There are several backup systems, but for experience I know bacula, but for what you’re proposing I suggest you to look for ‘Simple Backup Solution’ for Gnome (I think the package is called sbackup). You can also look for backup with dnf search backup


i am on KDE plasma. is recommended backup anyway?

also i found that also have to add that:


whats that?

Hi, you can add fastestmirror=true in the dnf confing file that you can find in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
This option make dnf search the best mirror server for you based on the latency, in some cases it could improve the download speeds when downloading or updating packets.

You need root privileges to edit the dnf.conf file.

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For full system backups you can use GNU ddrescue or clonezilla. They clone your disks/partitions to images you can use in case you want to recover everything - that is called bare-metal recovery. You won’t be able to choose individual files, everything is backed up. You don’t run either from a running system, you will have to boot off a live medium.


ok thanks for suggest.

if i will make changes on system or add some configs how is possible to sync that changes to back up file?

whats rsync ? is it like back up tool?

sorry so many asks, thats coz of my less experience. my purpose is to get more skills on Linux as possible as i can.

Hi, rsync is a command line remote (but also local) copying tool. If you want you can use it for backup as well, you can copy all files to another drive for examples.
This is an article that covers some basic funtions.
Here an article about rsync from fedoramagazine that explains some misconceptions when is used as a pure copying tool.

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