Fedora 34 cant find the EFI Partition from Windows when booting in Grub Menu

1 month ago, I installed first Windows 10 on my nvme ssd and then after I got my second nvme ssd, I removed the nvme ssd with Windows 10 and installed Fedora 34 on the second nvme ssd. After that I plugged in the first nvme ssd with Windows 10 and I could boot either in Fedora 34 or Windows 10 without a problem.

After a while, booting in Windows 10 is not anymore possible from Grub Menu, only going to Uefi System Settings, Boot and then selecting Windows 10.

In Fedora 34 I have the following partition:
/efi (/dev/nvme0n1p1) (UUID 8363-EC93)
/ (root partition encrypted)
/home (encrypted)
/files (encrypted)

In Windows 10:
efi partition (/dev/nvme1n1p1) (UUID 20E3-31D9)
microsoft reserved
local disk c
local disk d
microsoft windfows recovery environment

Selecting in boot menu Windows 10 gives the following error:

From my understanding grub is not able to find this partition, even if it exist and the UUID is correctly set somewhere on grub.cfg.

Can please anyone help ? I tried many things but nothing helped me to solve this issue…


The error shows a relative path …/…/. It should be an absolute /dev/bla/bla. I could imagine that throws the error.

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There is often a conflict when you have 2 different efi partitions. When you removed one drive while installing fedora you forced the installer to create a second efi partition on the second drive and I am surprised that grub was even able to boot windows initially since it had no reference to it during the initial install.

You can use efibootmgr -v to see what the current boot order is.
You can also use the -o or -n options with sudo to set the boot order or next boot choice.

I would strongly suggest that you merge the content of the two different efi partitions into the one on the windows drive then delete the one on the fedora drive after you have verified that both OSes boot properly that way.
This link might help.