Fedora 32 rebase pyflakes

Hi all!

i am trying to rebase to F32 from F31 but i had the next error when i try it.

error: Packages not found: pyflakes

I try to install it from rpm-ostree but it say it is already requested

$ rpm-ostree install pyflakes
error: Package/capability ‘pyflakes’ is already requested

any ideas?

Hi jhernandez123 and welcome to the forum!

What is the ourput of rpm -q pyflakes?

As far as I can see the package you are looking for should be python3-pyflakes. What happens if you try to install that?

In case this does not work, please show us the output for rpm-ostree status.

thanks for your answer @returntrip!

python3-pyflakes was not installed, i installed it and retry it but dosn’t work.

here are the rpm-ostree status and the error.

Thanks for you help!

i can only share 1 screen shot, here is the error capture


Do you reboot after installing a package with rpm-ostree?
Would you be able to use this package in a toolbox?

Basically first try to see if there is a flatpak for a (usually graphical) application, if no flatpak is available, try to install/use the application in a toolbox container, if the app does not work as designed in a toolbox container then install it through rpm-ostree (last option)

So, remember: Flatpak > Toolbox > rpm-ostree :slight_smile:

yes i reboot the system after the upgrade, the pyflakes packages it is not availble in toolbox, i installed there and retry it but it dont work :frowning:

What is the error you get?

Here it seems working for me in a toolbox:

Installing it:

⬢[returntrip@toolbox returntrip]$ sudo dnf install python3-pyflakes
Fedora 32 openh264 (From Cisco) - x86_64        3.1 kB/s | 5.1 kB     00:01    
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                 Architecture  Version              Repository     Size
 python3-pyflakes        noarch        2.1.1-6.fc32         fedora         64 k

Transaction Summary
Install  1 Package

Total download size: 64 k
Installed size: 208 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
python3-pyflakes-2.1.1-6.fc32.noarch.rpm        455 kB/s |  64 kB     00:00    
Total                                            69 kB/s |  64 kB     00:00     
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
  Preparing        :                                                        1/1 
  Installing       : python3-pyflakes-2.1.1-6.fc32.noarch                   1/1 
  Running scriptlet: python3-pyflakes-2.1.1-6.fc32.noarch                   1/1 
  Verifying        : python3-pyflakes-2.1.1-6.fc32.noarch                   1/1 



Running it:

$ toolbox run pyflakes --version
2.1.1 Python 3.8.2 on Linux