Fedora 31 server import gpg key while installing from the official repository

Hi there

i found on the internet there is also a netinstaller.
I read you should use the fedora server. I did that and took xfce because only the base and when everything was installed I wanted to install an icon theme. he asked me during the installation if I want to import a gpg key. I wanted to ask if it was secure or not. is only pure to try because with this method I get a clean xfce like a workstation. :sweat_smile:

that’s at the terminal
GPG-KEY 0x3C3359C4 is imported
User-ID: Fedora (31) fedora-31-primary@fesoraproject.org


I am not sure that I understood your question properly.
Importing GPG key allows you to retrieve the key from an external source for security purposes.
If the package is altered or corrupted, the signature will no longer be valid.
So its strongly recommended importing GPG key.


Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

i installed xfce with fedora 31 server. I chose this method because I can skip all unnecessary packages.

when i wanted to install a program or an icon theme in the terminal from the official repository he asked me if i would like to import this gpg key.
that’s new because it’s not in the workstation.:sweat_smile:

I just want to test it because I can test several desktop environments

Import the Key @xerxes1511 … just do it.


OK thank you :smiley:

I am very careful and have not really found anything on google :sweat_smile:

For reference: Security and Download Verification

Here are our current keys:

Fedora 31


4096R/3C3359C4 2019-02-18


7D22 D586 7F2A 423