Dnf importing GPG keys after system upgrade.Is this normal behaviour?

Hi all, This might be a stupid question but I didn’t get any clear answer. I haven’t done any distro upgrades on linux so this is kind of my first time doing it on fedora. I just updated to fedora 36 and its amazing. I used dnf to install a package gnome-music and it did the usual metadata check , after typing yes to install prompt another prompt showed up asking to import GPG keys for Fedora 36 after typing y then it completed the installation process.I maybe overthinking on this one but I am just curious because I saw a redhat article that says that sometimes a package ask to import gpg keys. Is this package specific or system wide after every major system upgrade. I updated the system using Gnome software.

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Thanks for joining the discussion group, Max. Welcome.
System updates are required to receive signing keys of higher-versioned releases, per the Fedora update documentation, DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs


Yes, this is normal. :slight_smile:

To double-check, here are the versions of the key packages on my system:

$ rpm -qa \*gpg\*keys

More information here on the packages web-app:



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Thanks for replying. I thought that gnome-music package was the one needed it do that. I assumed that gnome software already added keys because it updated the system. Again thanks a lot for answering my question.

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Thanks Dave for replying. I hope I didn’t waste your time as I am sure you guys are already busy with other post that are having problems that you guys are trying to help. I appreciate it.Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Not at all. This is what we’re all here for :slight_smile:

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It is a pleasure to be of help to others in the community, and great to get the occasional “thank you”. This is a community of people with common interests helping each other. Perhaps you’ll see a question brought up here that you can answer, and then you’re giving back to the same community. Cheers