Discover cannot update system packages if a GPG key has to be imported

Hi there, I haven’t been using Fedora for long, as I was an archlinux user until a few weeks ago. So forgive me if this isn’t the right place to report problems as an end user : I haven’t yet found a better place (yet!).

I’m using the Fedora KDE Spin and it seems that Discover, the KDE application manager, cannot update the system packages when a remote source needs to update its GPG signing keys.

I’m using the 1Password password manager, and when you install their software from the official download page, it adds a remote package source into the DNF configuration files for their application, which they sign using their GPG identity. Upon trying to update my system just now using Discover, I was met with an error which went along the lines of ‘1password..md5 does not match, SIGNATURE CORRUPTED’ (I dismissed the original message without copying it first, sorry).

But when invoking sudo dnf update from the terminal, it prompted me to update the GPG key used for the signature and carried on installing the rest of the packages.

Maybe Discover could handle that case with a nice prompt asking the user if they want to update their package signing credentials instead of failing and dumping what is probably an internal error message ?

I don’t know if this is a Fedora-specific issue, but since it is at the border between DNF and Discover, I figured I’d start by reporting the problem here :slight_smile:

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