Fedora 30 kernel update 5.3.11 breaks plymouth LUKS password entry?

I was away from work for a little over a week, when I got back I applied the patches to upgrade from kernel 5.3.8 → 5.3.11; now when I boot instead of being presented immediately with the Plymouth/LUKS passphrase entry I just get a black screen that is completely unresponsive. Sometimes I get a black screen with two short broken horizontal white lines in approximately the same location the entry text box should be. Pressing ESC, Alt+Fn+(F1,F2,F3,…) does nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Del does work, but just puts me in the same place after POST.

If I hard reset enough times I get the old grub menu where I can pick the previous kernel (5.3.8) and then I get the Plymouth/LUKS passphrase entry screen like normal and everything is hunk dory. But if I shutdown again I’m right back where I started.

Is this a known problem? How do I go about even diagnosing a thing like this? Is there an easy fix/workaround, other than rebooting until you get the grub menu and picking the previous kernel?