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How does the official Fedora Documentation work?

How it works

The basic documentation follows the release circles of the official Fedora Linux versions. There are two main sources where the GIT repositories are stored:

  1. Pagure.io
  2. Gitlab

Moving and edit the data from pagure.io to Gitlab is work in progress. The reasons are to get new technologies/workflows involved where on Pagure.io not are available?

Where do I find the official documentation?

Where to find

The official link is https://docs.fedoraproject.org/
Preview is https://docs.stg.fedoraproject.org/ “stg” signifies “staging”.

  1. Latest stable version
  2. Rawhide latest development version
  3. Transition between new releases follow the announcements (example F37).

Can I participate?


Yes, of course. This is the idea of opensource community work.

  1. Helping to eliminate typos/changing new links without a big hassle:
    Seven steps to start over

Do I need a separate account for fedora · GitLab and/or pagure.io


No, you can use the official Fedoraproject account. If you do not have one yet you can create one:

  1. Project account creation
  2. Log in to gitlab with SSO (single sign-on)

The link to the SSO is quite long and difficult to remember. But an easy way to remember is gitlab.com/fedora.
On this page just use the link after the introduction of Fedora Gitlab Workspace

Why does Fedora not use a Wiki for the documentation?

Why not Wiki

In the past Fedora used a Wiki page to do the Documentations. There are still some over lefts of it. The reason why, are automation tools who got set up with the Wiki application to document the change-log of ongoing Fedora versions as an example.

In the meantime the up to date change-logs can be found:
https://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/36/ChangeSet to navigate to an older or newer version you can just replace the version number within 20 to 38 (on the time this FAQ was written)

  1. What is git (official page)
  2. How to start with Gitlab and Fedora Group (still missing a manual).
  3. Why not using Git (discussion about alternatives like a wiki)
  4. But I still want my onw wiki

How do I join the #docs team? Where can I read more about them?

Documentation Team

IRC channel on Libera IRC, bridged to Matrix.

or direct to the Matrix room (Webbrowser)

Weekly online meeting at 2022-11-16T18:30:00Z at
#fedora-meeting-1 ( IRC bridged to Matrix)

Within a web browser enter direct with the following URL:

DocumentationTeam | Work in progress


Welcome Documentation Team and all other Fedorians.

I made a small FAQ to find important information in a fast way, for users who can’t wait, to help with the documentation. And also especially for users who complain that the documentation is not up do date.

Would like to know if this is useful? Are there some more suggestions of questions we could ad?
Some information I added with question-marks … there I need some more explanations.

I made it for the documentation because I would like to get into it. I’m quite overwhelmed with all the information, so i made me a short-cut to get in to it :slight_smile:

Since I do participate especially on ask.:fedora: I often was reading that the documentation is outdated and a lot is missing. Meany people do not really know how much work it is involved and that a lot of help is needed. For this users I do have now a link, that they can get on a fast way more information.


Documenting the questions you have as a newcomer and the answers you find along the way is a very good idea! I’m sure it will help others.

I can answer at least one of them – “(.stg. for staging ?)”. Yes, “stg” signifies “staging”.


I think, it is really a great start! And I would like to include it in the Fedora documentation as soon as possible.

Where do you think we can include it? I think we could include it on the Fedora Linux docs homepage (Fedora Linux User Documentation :: Fedora Docs) as a section before “Getting help”. I don’t know if we can use ‘Accordions’ with the Fedora Antorra GUI set, @darknao do you know (well, I’m sure you know)?

Welcome to the team. Probably you might start to participate on our weekly meeting (Wednesday, 18:30 UTC #fedora-meeting-1).


This is not a problem if we do have anyway a left side menu with the questions. So do not worry about that. I made it readable and used what I do have in discourse.

15.30 Brasila time? I will try to.

The more the merrier :slight_smile: @ilikelinux
The overview will be a guidepost for new comers and existing contributors.

That’s pretty handy plus good timing. I’ve been reading the board for the past few days wondering how Documentation works and searching the web on how to even write documentation. I’d like to help out, your FAQ is appreciated.


Thanks @ilikelinux for your contribution!

I think this post needs to be pinned. It’s very useful for everyone.


Can i participate over chat.fedoraproject.org ?
Sorry, i’m lost :slight_smile:

Yes, UTC -3 Brasilia main time zone

Yes, that’s matrix and there is a bridge to the IRC. The bridge is active by default, as far as I know, so you don’t have to do anything but to join the #fedora-meeting-1 room.

Alternatively, you can install some IRC software (depending on your desktop operating system).

Looking forward to meet you there!

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Yes, this works properly, and is intended :wink:

You can go to the meeting room 1 (for the weekly Docs meeting) with this link: https://chat.fedoraproject.org/#/room/#meeting-1:fedoraproject.org


We have a docs team page Fedora Documentation Team :: Fedora Docs where we try to explain, how we work and how to start contribution. As you will see, it’s still under development and far from being perfect. Some planned items are still without text / links.

Please, join our weekly IRC / matrix meeting. And please, provide some information what you are missing. I plan to resume some work on the team page as soon as F37 is released and all necessary documentation is updated (I still have to update some Fedora Server documentation, too).

I suggest to replace #docs:fedora.im with a link that directly forwards to the #Docs channel: https://chat.fedoraproject.org/#/room/#docs:fedoraproject.org

This would also unify the links to the two Matrix channels.

It might be also noted that both channels (docs + meeting-1) are bridged (so, each of the two channels has a bridge between its Matrix and its IRC instance): users have the free choice to use IRC or Matrix in both cases. And with Matrix, they can use an app or the web version of https://fedora.im / https://chat.fedoraproject.org (the first is only a redirection to the latter). So, just to avoid the impression that there are two different Docs channels:

You can use the date/time formatting option available like this: 2022-11-09T18:30:00Z
It will show the time in the correct time zone for everyone, and even automatically change the date to the next meeting.


As a new contributor, I also want to join the Docs meeting. I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it. But this is a great thread @ilikelinux - it’s really useful.



Welcome on board. Looking forward to meet you.