Failed to install important updates


I’m using a fresh install of Fedora on my Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 (which has an NVIDIA GPU).
I recently made a clean install of Fedora, so that’s the only thing on my whole laptop. I updated my packages with sudo dnf -y update. Before doing the update, my whole system froze randomly, but this issue is now solved. However, I get error messages on every startup. One saying this:

And another saying:

We’re sorry, it looks like BOOT_IMAGE=(hd0,gpt2)/-
vmlinuz-5.3.7-301.fc31.x86_64 crashed. Please contact the
developer if you want to report the issue.

and when I click it this shows up:
[apparently I can only add 1 image, the image is in the replies]

Eh, … Sir, Relax and use your computer. Wait for another update as it says. In the meantime, please have fun with your Fedora OS. You can delete all the old ABRT messages (system failure – Problem reporting) and watch out for new ones.


To add to what @twohot said, if you don’t clear out the “Problem Reporting”, it will notify you about those every time you log in regardless of how old they are. Clear them all out and check them out if a new one appears.

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