Failed dnf update

Yesterday evening I did dnf update on my server. It updated, reboot. No contact over SSH.
Went to the physical server and after som investigation it seems like there has been a parcial update.

DNF - fails due to missing
OpeenSSL - fails due to version mismatch. Built against 30000090. You have 30100010.
I get the grey wayland-deathscreen of not being able to recover.

Most of the machines services actually work. I have mail, apache, mariadb, jenkins, nexus, wordpress, etc on it.

So I dont have DNF command, cant SSH. This is somewhat cumbersome, I would really like to get an advice on how to proceed.

You could check that a relabel of selinux fixes dnf.
Do the touch /.autorelabel and reboot

Otherwise check with ldd what .so needs and if they are installef.
You might need to copy the openssl rpm and install is with rpm instead of dnf to fix.

On Fedora 39 you are supposed to have if the system has been correctly installed or upgraded from a previous release.

Hmm… I did have a lot of trouble upgrading from f38 due to broken usermin keys, seems that was perhaps not a success after all even though, upon first glance it was.
Is it a reasonable possibility to take a f38 install and copy the lib, lib64 and bin directories from that onto my machine to try and thereby go backwards?