F41 Change Proposal: Make Tuned the Default Power Profile Management Daemon (System-Wide)

IMHO, tuned is superior to ppd because it allows to configure various aspects of the sys/hw and not just the cpu states.

RHEL9 ships power-profiles-daemon the first time and conflicts with tuned. I’m interested to switch “back” to tuned via tuned-ppd to consolidate workstation and server configuration.
Albeit tuned-ppd is not in the 9 compose its build in koji. The current versions are


is the state of this version (tuned-ppd) already usable to replace the dbus api of ppd?

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Is there a comparison of the package / file / storage requirement footprint of ppd and tuned?

ppd seems to be a quite small “native” program (written in C) with few dependencies, while “Python and 40 packages” sounds like a lot. Is there a meaningful difference wrt/ the aforementioned metrics between “Workstation with ppd” and “Workstation with tuned”?

Yes, tuned-ppd should be nearly 100% drop-in replacement for the PPD (regarding the API). There are some minor differences that shouldn’t be important for most of the consumers. Feel free to test.

For RHEL-9 we would like to ship tuned-ppd as an alternative to PPD and resolve the conflict (for now it’s not yet officially supported, but hopefully it will be soon).

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and its 40 packages

I think that number is a bit misleading and the dependencies should be comparable roughly. But the experts can chime in more exactly.

Installing tuned-ppd in WS Live pulled in 9 packages for me with a disk footprint of 4.4MB.

It’s anyway pretty hard to imagine a Fedora system without python3, and indeed power-profiles-daemon also seems to depend on it.

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“Python and 40 packages” sounds like a lot

Most of the packages are installed when installing a new Fedora to a new system. Moreover, Fedora already includes the necessary python3 packages and libraries. It shouldn’t be too bad.

ppd seems to be a quite small “native” program

ppd is simple and is good for now. It provides three profiles and is difficult to expand its capabilities for different scenarios. Think about the next 5 years, 10 years and the increasing user demands. More and more power profiles will be proposed to fulfil many kinds of requirements and system design. tuned offers a flexible way to develop the new profile according to the use case and new system design. If tuned is the primary power profile tool in Fedora, the three ppd profiles will not limit us and the creativity of the contributors and vendors. I think switching to tuned will benefit the users for the next 10+ years.

What I mean is that we should ensure both power-profiles-daemon and tuned-ppd have the following stanza in their packaging so they are trivially swappable:

# This is an implementation of the power-profiles-daemon service
Provides: ppd-service
Conflicts: ppd-service

Right now, tuned-ppd has this, but power-profiles-daemon does not yet.

Once both have it, we can change everything that Requires: power-profiles-daemon to Requires: ppd-service.

We can add tuned-ppd in comps so that it gets preferred for installations.

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Thank you for the solution.

I’ll try to submit a merge request about it and hope the maintainer will merge it .

This change proposal has now been submitted to FESCo with ticket #3222 for voting.

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