F40, cryptsetup-refresh nowhere to be found


After modifying my /etc/cryptab like that and ran dracut (sudo dracut --regenerate-all --force), I have no indication that the workqueue parameters are in effect.

$sudo cat /etc/crypttab 
luks-********-****-****-****-************ UUID=********-****-****-****-************ none discard,no-write-workqueue,no-read-workqueue

So I tried another approach which is:

$ sudo cryptsetup refresh --perf_no_write_workqueue --perf_no_read_workqueue --persistant luks-********-****-****-****-************
--perf_no_write_workqueue: option iconnue

And was told those parameters aren’t valid, to try ‘cryptsetup-refresh’

The man page for cryptsetup-refresh does list those parameters are valid but the binary is nowhere to be found.

$ sudo cryptsetup-refresh --perf_no_write_workqueue --perf_no_read_workqueue --persistant luks-********-****-****-****-************
sudo: cryptsetup-refresh : commande introuvable

Problem. This SSD containing LUKS encrypted F40 has slow upload speed around 200Mbps whereas I obtain the full 500Mbps with any live cd (Mint, Fedora) on that particular computer and network card. My goal was to add no-write-workqueue and no-read-workqueue and test whether or not I can obtain more upload speed. AES-ni is already available and enabled.

Added cryptsetup, encryption

My bad. The proper syntax was:

sudo cryptsetup refresh --perf-no_write_workqueue --perf-no_read_workqueue --persistent

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