[F39 Silverblue Beta, AMD] GNOME user logout when PC suspends/screen logs off

Hey everyone,
I’ve installed F39 Silverblue yesterday on a Thinkpad E14 gen 3, AMD Ryzen 3, and GNOME logs out everytime I lock the screen or the PC suspends.
I can’t reproduce this issue in a Clevo NS50MU, intel i5 I rebased from F38 to F39 beta.
Could this be a bug…? That happening on a fresh install got me thinking. I rebased the E14 to F38, but I can help with more info if somebody could guide me.
Thanks y’all!

Edit: I had that behavior with versions 39.20230919, 39.20230920.

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Have the same exact behaviour, Thinkpad P14s Gen3, Fedora 39.20231002.n.0

I tried kinoite (a temporary rebase) on the same hw and it doesn’t happen there.

found this thread, it seems to be worked on