F39 Not Detecting 2nd Monitor on CalDigit TS4 Dock After Install to Hard Drive

I have a CalDigit TS4 Dock with two monitors attached via Thunderbolt/USB-C.

CalDigit is connected to Framework Laptop 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 Laptop.

When booting from the Fedora Workstation USB Install Media, it picks up all 3 displays (Laptop, & 2 monitors) correctly, however once you install Fedora to disk and reboot it will not detect the 2nd monitor attached to the dock unless you disconnect and reconnect the monitor or you turn the monitor off and back on. Once you have done this, the 2nd monitor is detected and it works fine until you next restart.

However, if instead of booting from the main Kernel, you boot from the rescue kernel, it will detect all 3 monitors and works fine.

I get the same results with both F39 and the latest F40 Prerelease (20240224).

Any guidance on troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.