F39 Gnome freeze on successful login, startx works-ish


I have had this problem since F35.

Whenever I successfully enter my password and press enter I get past the log in screen of Fedora, but the Gnome desktop never launches. Progress stops on the pre-desktop “grey screen” that follows login. This is reset back to the ordinary login prompt if I switch back after one ctrl-alt. Sometimes the cursor appears and is just stuck.

E.g. Ctrl-Alt-4 works to to get to terminal. Startx worked fine as a user until F39 (now I have to terminal-login as root to do it), but only if I also enter my password on login at ctrl-alt-1 as well.

I think the problem started when I set a permanent mount point for a drive through cockpit, or after an update. Any way to troubleshoot this in a sensible way? Before I gave up on the problem the last time I discovered a double dbus-deamon, but don’t remember the relevance of that. Any ideas?


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