Login issues after the upgrade from F38 to F39

So this has been a long term issue which I have found a work-around, but now I am thinking about F40…

The basic problem is that my machine will not allow a direct login to Gnome. When I switch on it goes to the gdm screen and if I try to login normally, it just hangs and becomes unresponsive thus requiring a hard reset. Occasionally it loops back to gdm.

Luckily I have always installed an xfce desktop option and this is how I get in (the tty option has never worked idkw)

So I get into xfce, and it is fine so I often just do what I need to do in there.

The funny thing is that if I wish, I can logout from there and THEN I can login successfully to Gnome and it works absolutely fine every time.

And so I have this as a workaround. That algorithm for getting into the full F39 experience is fine if I need it, but I feel that surely I should at least try and fix it?

I have reinstalled grub from Gnome and that didn’t work, so I’m open to suggestions. If not I will just do a new install I suppose as I think this system has been upgraded from F36 ish, so it is probably time.

So I presume I am the only one with this problem and that those who have read it cannot think of a way forward. So I’ll just new install F40 in a few weeks - strange problem though.