F38 wifi and bluetooth issue AX201

I have a similar problem on my laptop (cpu intel 11gen wifi/BT AX201). Bluetooth is not finding any devices. Journalctl shows no new errors. I tested fedora 38 beta a few weeks ago and there was a similar problem but it occurred rarely and disappeared after rebooting the device. Now, unfortunately, even after a fresh installation of fedora 38 it does not find devices. Everything else works fine like wifi for example.

lenovo ideapad 5 pro

I used bluetoothctl and when I open bluetooth settings it showed that it finds devices but immediately deleted them.

[NEW] Device xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:82 NotermoBT
[DEL] Device xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:82 NotermoBT

Maybe its gnome related?

Is your system the same as the original post in this thread?:

It can be very confusing when trying to deal with multiple hardware configurations in one thread.

Have you searched the forum for previous threads involving your model?

Please start a new topic like β€œF38 wifi and bluetooth issue on after [upgrade|fresh install]”. Tell us if wifi and bluetooth worked with F37 or some other linux distro, and include the output of inxi -Fzxx and rfkill.

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@dominiksr, I have split off your post from the topic and created a new one. It seems you are dealing with a different wifi/bt chipset.
Please provide the outputs @gnwiii suggested. If it turns out you have MEDIATEK MT7922 802.11ax chipset, I am happy to re-merge it into the original post. Thank you for your understanding.

After some updates bluetooth started to work normally. This is definitely an AX201. Thank you for your support. I installed ubuntu 23.04 on my laptop and there it works as it should. I noticed that on the computer where I have the AX200 there is a similar problem, it occurs when the device is several hours in suspend and after waking up it no longer finds devices. Currently everything is working because I restarted the computer. The only thing I can say for sure is that the BT range has deteriorated significantly. Previously I could walk with headphones all over the apartment and now it breaks off at half that distance and finds fewer devices around.

If the problem occurs again I will use the given commands and let you know what the results were.