Bluetooth stopped working with F39 upgrade

When I upgraded to F39 my bluetooth quit working. The wifi chip is Realtek RTL8852BE. When I try to pair my mouse it simply says there are no devices available. The Wifi itself works fine, it connects to my router without any drama.When I try to recompile the driver source code from Git Hub it errors out saying incompatible pointer types.

Did it work with fedora before upgrading to f39? If so then you probably should file a bug on bugzilla against bluetooth making certain to specify that it did work and now does not.

There have been many complaints about that specific chipset so the fix may not be available.

Search for RTL8852BE on this forum and you should get a clue about either a fix or existing problems that have not been fixed.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll take your advice.
Yes, it did work before when I compiled the source code from Git Hub. Now the source won’t compile so I can’t add the driver. I’ll be poking around Git Hub to see if there is an updated version of the source code.

This is very important information that should have been in your first post.

Unless otherwise stated it is automatically expected that everything has been installed from the fedora repos. Since this was a self-compiled driver downloaded from github it changes everything about the approach to try and fix the issue.

No bugs on bugzilla will get accepted or fixed when the software was downloaded and self-compiled. Those fixes are on the user and on the source of the software – in this case the developer on github.