F38 Thunderbolt is not charging the laptop

Hi. I have a brand-new F38 installation. The thunderbolt slot can be used to tranfer files to/from other devices as well as charge other devices. However, it can’t be used to charge my laptop itself.

The laptop in question is a HP ZBook Power 15.6’ G10 A.

Running sensors as well as upower -e do not seem to detect the thunderbolt device, even when it’s plugged in. boltctl list -a detects it though.

If I am reading that spec sheet properly the thunderbolt port is rated for power delivery and not for charging. The system seems to have a separate power supply and charging port.
It implies that thunderbolt can not be used for charging if the system has a discrete GPU.

It does however show that the USB-A ports on the left side can be used for charging