F37 Wallpaper / Ecotopia Concept

The inspiration for the Fedora 37 default background wallpaper is Hedy Lamarr, who invented a way for radio signals to hop frequencies to avoid being intercepted/interfered with. Her work was foundational technology for technologies we use today such as Bluetooth and Wifi.

The Ecotopia concept relates to how Hedy’s invention from the WW2 era has influenced the future; landscapes that show the influence of wireless transmissions relate to the concept of her invention.

Please post ideas, sketches, thumbnails, mockups that relate to this concept under this thread. :slight_smile:

Here’s a small sketch of an eco-type home (I’m getting hobbit house vibes) composition with a rainbow shooting out of the window. Kinda wanted it to give the impression that someone was inside the house ‘creating magic’, eg. inventing, coding, etc. I added a moon and waterfall to the background to add to the whimsical element.

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Trying to come up with some color ways and the idea of the city