F37 Wallpaper / 1980s Electric Concept

The inspiration for the Fedora 37 default background wallpaper is Hedy Lamarr, who invented a way for radio signals to hop frequencies to avoid being intercepted/interfered with. Her work was foundational technology for technologies we use today such as Bluetooth and Wifi.

The 1980s Electric concept relates to Hedy’s invention for frequency hopping, as a lot of 1980s graphics in this aesthetic feature brightly colored visualizations of landscapes using waves and grids as an allegory to technology.

Please post ideas, sketches, thumbnails, mockups that relate to this concept under this thread. :slight_smile:

Exploring a 1980s bedroom with a little radio hehe

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A long while ago I made a cute boombox - Kyle R. Conway: "I've been messing about with simple shapes recent…" - Mastodon

I’ve always really like the central dial section with the orange station tuning indicator. Perhaps there’s some sort of zoom in on the frequency selector of a boombox with some of the rainbow/wave distortions on top. It seems like this could be communicated clearly while being sufficiently abstract (as per usual).

It may also be possible to encode something fun within the selected frequency on the dial (birthday? 37? etc.)