F36, PipeWire cracling

I have sound crackling when i run games from Steam (also with Proton) and play videos in Firefox or have a voice chat in Discord (microfon also affected by this issue) even notifications come with cracking.

It seems to some buffers are full or sampling frequency needs to be changed?

When i start any game i have no crackling, it start apearing after a few minutes.

Previously i try this guide ([HowTo] Troubleshoot crackling in PipeWire - Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum), but without succes.

Output from pw-top

My setup:

F36 with all latest updates
PipeWire + Wireplumber (default configs, i reseted it)
Some of apps in Flatpak include Steam

USB Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

When i close game crackling stops and pw-top say that QUANT changed to 2048 for alsa_output and 3307 for Firefox

Fedora comes since 35 with wire-plumber instead of media-session. If you want to try the Manjaro approach you have to switch back to media-session.


Please follow the link in the Change-Log of F35 to see how to switch back to media-session.

Article has a note about wireplumber. I edit WirePlumber config, not MediaSession.

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I recently update my system to F37 with PipeWire 0.3.60 and wireplumber

Craclings when i start any game with Proton stayed. All configs at it’s default state.