F32: OpenVPN doesn't connect via network-manager: TLS handsha


just installed Fedora 32 after years of being with Ubuntu-based distros. Mostly works, except for my corporate VPN access. Symptoms:

  • That particular network generally does work well with network-manager-openvpn in Debian and Ubuntu up to 20.04.
  • In F32, it works from the terminal using openvpn .ovpn. In this case, after prompting for credentials it connects almost immediately but DNS lookup for hosts within the corporate network doesn’t work.
  • Using VPN with network manager is different: I can import and try to connect (which took me a while and a “restorecon” on the ~/.cert folder), but connection will never be established. Error messages once the system gives up:

Apr 30 21:47:27 vega nm-openvpn-serv[10751]: Connect timer expired, disconnecting.
Apr 30 21:47:27 vega nm-openvpn[10758]: TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)
Apr 30 21:47:27 vega nm-openvpn[10758]: TLS Error: TLS handshake failed
Apr 30 21:47:27 vega nm-openvpn[10758]: SIGTERM[hard,tls-error] received, process exiting

That’s weird. Given it works with openvpn, I have no real idea where to peek here.
Any hints?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @z428.  Different errors, but maybe?

Thanks for your hints. Well. Unfortunately not. :frowning: I’ve already been diving through that and related errors before, but none of the solutions outlined here seemed to apply to my particular problem. Not sure what kind of “limitation” could prevent network-manager from starting a VPN connection but not openvpn (terminal) itself… Strange. :confused:

Weird solution to that: After running out of other ideas, I removed the configuration (using network-manager GUI) and re-imported it using

sudo nmcli connection import type openvpn file myopenvp.ovpn ;

after that (whatever difference these means of import make), connection to VPN even using GUI works just flawlessly. No idea, but good to see it work. :slight_smile:

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