F31 Rawhide DNF upgrade libgit conflict..?

So…my Fedora Rawhide Workstation appears to be trapped in a bit of a DNF package upgrade conflict dilemma (modular dependency problem).

I have already tried installing/removing both module libgit2:0.27, and module libgit2:0.28.

I have also tried resetting/setting the stream to both module libgit2:0.27, and module libgit2:0.28.

Neither of these measures will overcome the modular conflicts that I’m currently experiencing. Any help with this issue would be gratefully appreciated.


Any ideas?


Hi @wref. Welcome to the community! Please take a look at the introductory posts in #start-here if you haven’t had a chance yet.

This issue is known, and the community is looking into how it can be fixed. Here’s some information:

Here is the discussion on the Fedora devel mailing list:


Rawhide of course, is not as stable as the supported releases.So it should really only be used for testing, and then one must keep an eye on the devel and test mailing lists to keep up with the changes that are being made to it. More information here:


Rawhide of course, is not as stable as the supported releases.So it should really only be used for testing…

The issue exists in Fedora 30 as well if you have updates-testing enabled.


Worth giving the update a negative karma then to ensure that it doesn’t reach stable state.

@FranciscoD , many thanks for the swift response, support and the links.

Disabled the bat, silver, and exa modules, and that got DNF working smoothly again.

Downgraded and rolled-back to F30 stable as Rawhide is in a bit of a two and eight at the moment.


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@FranciscoD , without trying to sound overly facetious. I’m already well aware about how hashtags work across multiple web platforms, and content management systems.

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