F30, Installing snd-dummy or virtual audio on headless server

I’ve been searching internet and found about snd-dummy sound module.
I can’t load it since it is not found. I can’t install it because I can’t find it.
I tried to add alsa virtual device but that need a real hardware also it seems.

How can I make a virtual sound card for my headless VPS?

Is modinfo snd_dummy show nothing (underliner, not -; for me works both ways)?

Try to

# kernel-modules{, extra, internal}
dnf install kernel-modules*

# also there was something like
# dnf repoquery --file /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
# --file snd-dummy.ko or --file *snd-dummy.ko ?
filename:       (...)/lib/modules/5.4.18-gnu/kernel/sound/drivers/snd-dummy.ko
license:        GPL
description:    Dummy soundcard (/dev/null)
author:         Jaroslav Kysela <perex at perex cz>
depends:        snd-pcm,snd
retpoline:      Y
intree:         Y
name:           snd_dummy

parm:           index:Index value for dummy soundcard. (array of int)
parm:           id:ID string for dummy soundcard. (array of charp)
parm:           enable:Enable this dummy soundcard. (array of bool)
parm:           model:Soundcard model. (array of charp)
parm:           pcm_devs:PCM devices # (0-4) for dummy driver. (array of int)
parm:           pcm_substreams:PCM substreams # (1-128) for dummy driver. (array of int)
parm:           fake_buffer:Fake buffer allocations. (bool)
parm:           hrtimer:Use hrtimer as the timer source. (bool)
# load it by hand (work in Guix)
sudo modprobe snd-dummy

# go to Kernel's view of sound devices
cd /sys/class/sound/

# see how many cards there
echo card*
  card0 card1

# card1 is dummy-card
cat card1/device/modalias 

# un-load snd_dummy (remove)
sudo modprobe -r snd_dummy

# card1 gone
echo card*

It is rather should present in Fedora Server kernel. If it isn’t, then there should be an “modern alternative”, and “you doin’ it wrong”, which is can be, idk.

Consider to search this page for “snd-dummy” (Kernel Docs).