F30 Bootloader Configuration

Hey guys!
I really do apologise for what is likely a stupid question, but I currently on my first venture beyond Ubuntu and I’m hitting a couple of roadblocks.

What bootloader is Fedora using? Grub2? I’m curious as having installed Grub Customizer as I always have on Ubuntu, it is only showing my Windows install, not Fedora and the Bootloader itself is already ‘bloated’ by three Kernel Versions (x09,x11,x13) so I’m looking for a way to clean it up.

I’m running a UEFI install if that is relevent?

Thanks for your help!

The answer is Yes…

This packge is so buggy… do it in terminal

  1. See the kernel packages you’ve installed:
rpm -qa kernel

NOTE: for default FEDORA keep the last 3 kernel…

  1. To clean up:
sudo dnf remove kernel-<version>
  1. to create the configuration:

sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

  1. Another alternative way to remove old kernels automatically is setting the kernel limit in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file as shown.
installonly_limit=3 #set kernel count

Save and close the file. The next time you run an upgrade, only three kernels will be left on the system.

All is well explained in this guide:

NOTE: The GRUB2 menu in :fedora: 30 is hidden by default if you don’t have another OS instaled on your system



I would advise you not to remove older kernels or lower the installonly_limit=3 parameter. New kernels can easily come with bugs and be unbootable. In that case, you will be quite happy if you have an older kernel available!