Multiple fedora's at boot screen

Hi all,

So I have installed an pre-release version of Fedora 34 and obviously it has upgraded few times, but now I have like 4 selections when it boots up. How do I remove other versions and just keep the latest one? Thanks in advance

In the /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file, change installonly_limit=3 line to installonly_limit=2. With this change, you will have 2 normal kernel and 1 rescue kernel (so 3 entries instead of 4). I don’t recommend going lower than that because if you have trouble with a new kernel update, you will have an option to use the old one. This will remove 2 of the oldest kernels after the first kernel update.


Keep those entries and kernels installed (it’s rotating, first in first out, n=3).
The day you hit a nasty kernel bug that doesn’t let your system boot you will be very happy to have a couple of older kernels that boot fine.
It’s set to three on purpose. Many people even increase the number to 5 or 6 to be on the safe side.

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Thanks all for replies. Sadly I don’t think I would know how to use other installations in the case if something goes wrong. One will learn it!

They aren’t separate installations, they’re just older kernels to be used with your current installations. If something goes wrong in an update, and you can’t boot with the latest kernel, you can always boot with an older kernel, starting off with the next most recent, and see if that works. If so, you have a working system and can troubleshoot the issue with the newest kernel at your leisure.