F30 BOOT_IMAGE crashed pop-up after every boot

After every boot I receive a pop-up that says that the BOOT_IMAGE has crashed (see more in the provided images). There’s no negative impact on the performance of the machine, though I would like to know how to fix this issue that results in this pop-up/system-error.

What does it say in Details?

Don’t know yet what exactly causes this, I have to keep using an older kernel to avoid it. Started beginning kernel 5.2.0 and isn’t fixed yet in kernel 5.2.11 (just tried it). Starting from kernel 5.2.5 it gives me a black screen at startup. And booting from an older kernel gives me the oops you posted pictures of.
I’m on amd ryzen and found these bugs:

The only difference is that I’m on Intel 8th gen, nevertheless everything else is the same. I just want to make sure that I didn’t configure something improperly so that it could cause this error.
EDIT: I don’t have this issue on my desktop computer which is running the same Fedora version as well as an Intel CPU.