F30: Backintime ignores old backups

I do backups with Backintime since F25 now and it always worked like a charme. Two weeks ago i upgraded from F29 to F30 and since this time i cannot create any backup with Backintime.

I use a 1TB external HDD for my backups with a free space of 100GB. I used to backup my userhome only, no system backup.

When i took a backup in F29, in the status bar of Backintime and also in the protocol there was written, that the current files are compared with the last backup. This comparison seems to be gone, Backintime ignores all existing backups and wants to backup all my files, my complete /home directory, instead of just backing up only the changed files since the last backup with F29.

This leads to the next bug i detected. Backintime runs into errors because of the HDD running out of space, but in the status bar of Backintime one can read the message “Ready. No need for a backup”. But this is not true, i have definitely some files which has changed.

I took further investigations about this and created a new profile to backup only a small folder for the first time. This folder was backed up correctly and changes on the files were also backed up correctly without backing up the whole folder every time. So the problem is only while using backups created with Backintime of F29 and older.

Here is the protocol with the backup command of F29:

[I] …
**[I] Mit Schnappschuss 2019-04-30 18:22:42 vergleichen**
[I] rsync -rtDHh --links --no-p --no-g --no-o --info=progress2 --no-i-r  --delete --delete-excluded  -i --dry-run --out-format="BACKINTIME: %i %n%L" --chmod=Du+wx  --exclude="/run/media/frank/TimeMachine-MBP" --exclude="/home/frank/.local/share/backintime" --exclude=".local/share/backintime/mnt" --include="/home/frank/" --include="/home/" --exclude=".gvfs" --exclude=".cache/*" --exclude=".thumbnails*" --exclude="[Tt]rash*" --exclude="*.backup*" --exclude="*~" --exclude=".dropbox*" --exclude="/proc/*" --exclude="/sys/*" --exclude="/dev/*" --exclude="/run/*" --exclude="/etc/mtab" --exclude="/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb" --exclude="lost+found/*" --exclude="/tmp/*" --exclude="/var/tmp/*" --exclude="/var/backups/*" --exclude=".Private" --exclude="/home/frank/VirtuelleMaschinen" --include="/home/frank/****" --exclude="*" / "/run/media/frank/TimeMachine-MBP/backintime/franks-macbookpro/frank

Here is the protocol with the backup command of F30:

[I] …
[I] Schnappschuss wird erstellt
[I] rsync --recursive --times --devices --specials --hard-links --human-readable --links --perms --executability --group --owner --info=progress2 --no-inc-recursive --delete --delete-excluded -v -i --out-format=BACKINTIME: %i %n%L --link-dest=../../20190501-093501-787/backup --chmod=Du+wx --exclude=/run/media/frank/TimeMachine-MBP --exclude=/home/frank/.local/share/backintime --exclude=.local/share/backintime/mnt --include=/home/frank/ --include=/home/ --exclude=.gvfs --exclude=.cache/* --exclude=.thumbnails* --exclude=[Tt]rash* --exclude=*.backup* --exclude=*~ --exclude=.dropbox* --exclude=/proc/* --exclude=/sys/* --exclude=/dev/* --exclude=/run/* --exclude=/etc/mtab --exclude=/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb --exclude=lost+found/* --exclude=/tmp/* --exclude=/var/tmp/* --exclude=/var/backups/* --exclude=.Private --exclude=/home/frank/VirtuelleMaschinen --include=/home/frank/** **--exclude=* / /run/media/frank/TimeMachine-MBP/backintime/franks-macbookpro/frank/1/new_snapshot/backup**

Welcome to ask.fedora! Backintime has a support page at github: Issues · bit-team/backintime · GitHub and you might find what you need is already there.

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just downloaded the earlier version 1.1.24 from git and compiled it with qt4
now i’m able to backup my files again :slight_smile:

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