I noticed that my terminal colors got noticeably worse in Fedora33. I did some comparing to my CentOS8 installation and found that /etc/DIR_COLORS.256color was missing on Fedora33. I poked around a little and discovered that the file is created as a patch to GNU coreutils. Somewhere between coreutils-common-8.31-10.fc32.x86_64.rpm and coreutils-8.32-12.fc33.x86_64 the spec file was changed to not create /etc/DIR_COLORS.256color anymore. Does anyone know if this was an intentional change (in which case I’ll just have to maintain my own color file) or is this a bug that slipped in?


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Looks like it was removed,
reference: 1830318 – Remove 256 colors from DIR_COLORS and Commit - rpms/coreutils - 441f1d75196db5609a4ea1627c3a34192785372d - src.fedoraproject.org


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Thank you SO MUCH for finding those references. I had looked, but obviously hadn’t found them yet.

I must be missing something though. There was no objection to Bug 1830318 except for Bug 1884264 which complains about dark colors in lxterminal and seems to indicate that gnome-terminal has better colors. But I’m using (as far I know) the default gnome-terminal and the colors are terrible. The dark blue of directories and dark red of compressed files on the black background are really difficult for me to see well. Is that not the default everyone else is seeing? 256color seems to have much more contrast.

Seriously, though. Thanks again for the quick and precise response. I couldn’t have asked for better.