DNF update, gnome-terminal suddenly dark

In the middle of a weekly dnf update, I noticed that gnome-terminal suddenly went dark. I can only just make out the normal text. By normal, I mean that anything I type and the output of most commands is so dark I have to squint to see it. Interestingly, the colorized output of LS is an exception, it looks normal. But after the reboot, gnome-terminal remains dim. Trying to change anything in preferences doesn’t have any effect.

This isn’t a huge impediment, as konsole is working as expected and nothing else seems affected. There were over 300 packages updated, but gnome-terminal was not one of them. It does appear that gnome-software, gnome- shell, and gnome-backgrounds were updated, but there’s very little info available from the changelogs for those packages (just bump updates).

In the Gnome terminal you can use colors from system theme or use the built in once from the terminal it selves.
It probably just messed your terminal profile up. Have a look in the preferences if you can reconfigure as it was before.