Why coloured Bash prompt DOES NOT appear by default

I can’t see the coloured Bash prompt by default
in my Fedora 39 Gnome system
when I use the terminal.

Is bash-color-prompt installed?

give me the command
to install the bash-color-prompt,

Good morning!


sudo dnf in bash-color-pronpt

There has been an issue identified with updating from F38 to F39 using the gnome software app.

It seems that package and several font packages are not updated/installed (and possibly others)
Running in a terminal the command sudo dnf distro-sync may pull in all the missing packages (and may not). One suggested solution that seems to have worked for some was to run
sudo dnf group reinstall 'Fedora Workstation'

It has also been noted that doing the upgrade using dnf system-upgrade ... does update and install everything.

Note that the group reinstall would only apply to those running the ‘Fedora Workstation’ release.

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