Error while streaming some video in youtube

I got error while I want to stream some videos youtube. this is my error :
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: aze1tF9bls8hOye0)
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I have checked to paly video in my phone android and it works with no problems.
so I think it should be related to fedora.
I also updated fedora but steal in some videos ( Not all videos ) I got this problem.
this is the youtube video I get error : Julia Programming Tutorials: Arrays - YouTube

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Hello @imanipourmeysam and welcome.

Just to be clear. Are you trying to stream to YouTube or are you trying to watch a video?

In the latter case, are you using a browser: which one? Firefox?
In any case, have you enabled the rpmfusion repositories?
More info here: Installing plugins for playing movies and music :: Fedora Docs
And here: Configuration - RPM Fusion (Multimedia post-install paragraph).


I am trying to watch a video.
I am using firefox.
I don’t know what is rpmfusion ( I am new to linux ) but I will see the link.
Thank you


Does this help?

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You need install ffmpeg… You can install it from UnitedRPMs or rpmfusion.

Hi dear friends
thank you so much
It works I have just enabled and installed rmpfussion based the links that alciregi told me and it works now with no problem.


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