Amazon Video Playing Error

I am using the Fedora 39 and Firefox. This problem was prevalent in the Fedora 38 as well.

I get the following error while playing the product video for any amazon product.

Is there any mitigation to this? Thank you for your help.

Have you installed all the codecs suggested here.?

Have you installed ffmpeg and libavcodec-freeworld from rpmfusion?

The vanilla fedora installation is codec limited and will not play many videos since fedora is restricted from distributing software that is patent, license, or otherwise encumbered so it is not free software. Adding the additional codecs from rpmfusion enables playing almost everything.

Yes, I have all the codecs installed.

The videos always play a little bit and then those errors occur. So the codec might not be at fault. At rare times I see them playing fully without any error.

Which app are you using to play those videos?
Some work well and others may not. I have vlc, mplayer, and the default that is installed with fedora, and all seem to work for me. Although I cannot test the exact video you are having problems with unless you are able to provide a link to it as well as telling us what player is having the problem.

Which version of ffmpeg are you using?
Does it work if you use firefox flatpak from flathub?

Here’s the amazon product

Please go to the video of the product on the left-bottom.

While trying to check the vesion of ffmpeg, I found that I had no ffmpeg installed. So I installed it and the problem seems to be gone. Thanks very much for the help.

I thought ffmpeg came preinstalled!!!

A limited codec version of ffmpeg (ffmpeg-free) comes preinstalled on fedora. For the full version that supports almost all available multimedia codecs you must install ffmpeg from rpmfusion.

Fedora is limited on what codecs they can include by copyright, licensing, etc. so those codecs have to be obtained from other sources.

The main 2 packages to get almost everything are ‘ffmpeg’ and ‘libavcodec-freeworld’.

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So do have to install both ffmpeg and libvacodec-freeworld. Or, installing just one would do?

For full codec support, you need either ffmpeg-libs or libavcodec-freeworld. The first one is a full set of ffmpeg libraries from RPM Fusion, whereas the second one just overrides libavcodec-free. Installing both is unnecessary.