Error: Loading repository 'fedora' has failed


Hi I am currently using Fedora 35 creative suite… Whenever I use commands: {sudo dnf install} {sudo dnf update} or {sudo dnf upgrade} I get a message saying Error: Loading repository ‘fedora’ has failed. I have triend {dnf clean all} command which was suggested on a redit thread but it did not work. Anyone know of any possible fixes?

hi @williamnefarious , welcome to the forum.

This usually means that dnf is unable to connect to the repository mirrors. Is your system connected to the internet and are you able to browser websites etc. normally?

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I agree with @ankursinha. It’s also possible that there was a temporary issue with mirror manager.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to check our status page at to make sure it’s not a current known issue. Since we’re currently in the green, I suggest you go ahead and give it another shot.

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I had the same issue after upgrading from 39 to 40, and a ‘sudo dnf clean all’ fixed it.