Error launching Code from Toolbox

I get this error when l try to launch VSCode from a toolbox container on Silverblue 32:

/usr/share/code/bin/…/code: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Fresh Install. Haven’t come across this error with previous Silverblue 32 installs.

Edit: After some investigation, I installed qt5-qtwayland and now it works.

I had a similar issue when I tried running the binary release of VS Codium in a toolbox. As the toolbox system only has a minimal set of libs by default and can not know about the one that are needed for “outside” interactions with the real system, you might have to install some libraries manually.

It’s just interesting because I have installed Silverblue with Code in the toolbox container, probably a dozen times in the last few months, and this was the first time that this has happened. It usually works out of the box. I wonder what has changed…